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  • Can I drive myself?
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  • How awake will I be during my procedure?
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  • How long will my procedure take?
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  • How long do I have to stay after my procedure?
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  • Can I take my medications before my procedure?
  • Tab 5
  • Can I eat and drink after my procedure?
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  • Where is your office located?
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  • What do I need to bring with me to the procedure?
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  • Will anything be left in my body?
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  • What is a stent? How will it be inserted?
  • Tab 10
  • Will a stent make metal detectors go off?
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  • What kind of procedures are done in the clinic?
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  • Can I go home the same day and be alone?
  • Tab 13
  • How much help will I need once I’m home?
  • Tab 14
  • Who do I call if I think something is wrong?
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  • What kind of pain is associated with the procedure?
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  • What are possible complications of my procedure?
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  • Will I be on restrictions after my procedure?
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  • How much time will I need to take off of work?
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  • What kind of follow-ups are involved after my procedure?
  • Tab 20
  • If my procedure can’t be done at the office, where will it be done?
  • Tab 21
  • Does my insurance provide transportation to and from my doctor and testing appointments?
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Tab 1
No, once you have been given sedation you cannot drive yourself.
Tab 2
Our CRNA will make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure, in the safest manner possible. Some procedures do require you to be able to follow directions, such as holding your breath, so you will still have to be able to be aroused.
Tab 3
This all depends on what you are having done and how involved the procedure gets. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.
Tab 4
Once again this all depends on your procedure and how involved it gets. Your post-op time can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours.
Tab 5
Blood pressure medications can be taken prior to your procedure, with a very small sip of water. All other medications should be brought with you to the procedure.
Tab 6
Yes, once your procedure has concluded you may go back to your normal diet.
Tab 7
Vascular Institute of Michigan is located at 1325 S. Linden Rd Flint, MI 48532
Tab 8
You need to bring your ID, someone to drive you or transportation arrangements and a list of your current medications.
Tab 9
Not unless you need a stent.
Tab 10
A stent is a small, flexible tube made of medical grade plastic or wire mesh. It is used to keep vessels open. The stent is inserted under an x-ray through a sheath (working tube) that is put into the vessel being worked on.
Tab 11
They shouldn’t, but you will be given a card that states you have a stent in your body to carry in your wallet.
Tab 12
Vascular Ultrasound, Permcath removals, inserts and exchanges. Fistulograms, declots, venograms, venoplasty, angiograms, angioplasty, stenting, venous ablations. Mediport insertions.
Tab 13
You will go home the same day, but we recommend that you are not left alone for the first 24 hours in case any complications arise once you are home.
Tab 14
It depends on your procedure, some you can go home and will be able to go back to normal routine the same day. Some you will need to take it easy or have restrictions for a few days.
Tab 15
You can always call our office, 810-535-5555. If you believe it is a life threatening emergency please call 911.
Tab 16
Every person and procedure is different. Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible through the entire procedure.
Tab 17
While all procedures carry different risks vs. benefits. Possible complications including and not limited to death, hemorrhage, thrombosis, embolization, vessel perforation, blood transfusions, risk of Anesthesia, and emergency operations, etc. Your doctor will give you a much more specific list during your consult.
Tab 18
Most procedures include some restrictions directly afterwards such as laying flat or not being able to drive after sedation. Your discharge instructions will have specific restrictions for your procedure. If you need to know before hand, or are worried you might not be able to do one of the restrictions, please feel free to call the office.
Tab 19
You will at least need the rest of the day of your procedure off, after that will depend on your procedure, any complications and doctor recommendations. You can ask your doctor during your consult.
Tab 20
At least one follow-up appointment is necessary after your procedure. It will be scheduled before you leave that day.
Tab 21
Hurley Medical Center
Tab 22
Some insurances, such as Medicaid, offer ride assistance. Most require a notification period of at least 3 business days. In cases of emergency, rides may be arranged sooner, sometimes within 24 hours. A complete list of local Medicaid transportation provider numbers are below.

Blue Cross Complete of Michigan

Routine - 2 days in advance

Urgent - Same day when possible, otherwise following day.

1-888-803-4947 Access2Care Transportation or

Blue Cross Complete Customer Service at 1-800-228-8554 M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

McLaren Health Plan

Transportation requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in urban areas and 48 hours in rural areas prior to the appointment

Customer Service at 888-327-0671(to request same or next day transportation needs.)

Meridian Health Plan

Call 1-800-821-9369 to arrange non-emergent transportation including gas reimbursement, public transportation, and sedan service.

Molina Health Care

Logisticare line - Schedule 72 hours in advance (business days for scheduling) Will transport on Saturdays and Sundays.

Same day trip within 2-4 hours can be arranged when possible, Contact Deborah Johnson. Deborah Johnson 248-925-1813 (Urgent Transportation Contact) Examples for urgent care: Wound care, dialysis related care AVF/AVG, vascular procedures, hospital follow-up, high fever, etc...

Priority Health Government Programs

Routine care 4-5 business days notice - Members can call 1-888-975-8102 Urgent Care Services - 1-888-975-8102

Priority Health will make every attempt to schedule same day pick-up or within 24 hours if Vendors are available.

Total Health Care

Transportation line at 1-800-826-2862 ext 403 or 313-871-6408 Routine care - 4 days

Urgent care - CSHCS member Notification time is 24 hours, but MTM will accommodate same day request when possible.

United Healthcare Community Plan

Routine care 4 business days - 1-877-892-3995 transportation vendor (Access2Care)

Urgent care - Possible within 24 hours if available

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